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0161 865 8181

Stock Range webpage is currently being updated and will be ready on 1st September, until then, please use the enquiry option on the website or send an e-mail to so that we can assist you further.

Before making any purchase, please ensure your old unit is correct and identical to the pictures of our unit. If you are unsure, you can e-mail us pictures or information of your unit and we will assist to avoid any confusion.

This unit is being sold on an exchange basis and a deposit / surcharge of £150-£550 is required, depending on the head or engine, you are purchasing.

Your surcharge / deposit will be refunded once we have receive your old unit that should be the same as we supplied. Any damage or missing parts from your old unit may incur a charge.

Overseas delivery charges vary and we need to confirm the cost for the destination, before we issue the invoice. Therefore, IF you are an international customer, buy the item, but do not pay for it, until we send you the final invoice detailing the delivery costs and surcharge for your old unit.
IF you pay for the item, before any surcharge or delivery charges are applied, then an additional paypal invoice will be sent, that will have to be paid, before we dispatch the head or engine.

If you have any issues or concerns regarding the above, contact us via the enquiries or call us on 0161 865 8181, we will be glad to clarify and assist you.

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