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stampIt is recommended that all engines/cylinder heads supplied (but not fitted by Eurojap) be fitted by a qualified mechanic. Failure to comply with the following instructions may invalidate the warranty.

Eurojap warranty is valid for twelve months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes soonest) from your invoice
Parts and labour in house warranty, if fitted by Eurojap. Parts only warranty if fitted elsewhere. This warranty will cover the engine/cylinder head. which applies to the internal parts of the cylinder head and the engine block ONLY. Ancillaries, even if supplied with the engine/cylinder head unit, are not covered by the terms of the warranty unless purchased separately.

Any apparent failure of the engine block/cylinder head supplied must be notified to Eurojap at the earliest opportunity. Further damage caused by neglecting the apparent failure will not be covered under the terms of this warranty.

If after the sale or supply of a unit from Eurojap, a fault develops, then Eurojap company reserves the right to conduct a mechanical investigative examination – the purpose of which is to safeguard both Eurojap and the customer/purchaser and identify any subsequent liability.

If the item sold is found to be defective as direct result of workmanship or sub-standard parts etc, then Eurojap will rectify the matter in accordance with the terms of our warranty. ‘Defective’ units must be returned to Eurojap to be checked, repaired or replaced. Eurojap will supply any parts required for the refitting of such units. Parts purchased in any other way will not be paid for or covered under this warranty.

Consequently , Eurojap reserves the right to undertake the initial inspection, thereafter, if a dispute arises – or may arise – then this company will commission the services of an independent engineer to establish either fault and/or liability. If therefore, a unit is removed for examination etc, without notifying this company – and subsequently our engineer or representative is prevented from such an examination, then the warranty issued by Eurojap may be prejudiced.

Eurojap must be notified in writing prior to any remedial work carried out on the unit during the period of the warranty. Eurojap will not be responsible for:- Labour cost, Transport/Car Hire, Recovery costs of vehicle or Loss of Business. No warranty claim shall exceed the invoiced amount.

Overheating due to failed auxiliaries such as Radiator, radiator cap, hose pipes, thermostat, water pump, failed hose clips, fuel system or any other auxiliary components and negligent actions will render the warranty void.

Any damage caused to the unit by faulty, incorrect or negligent adjustment of the ancillaries (such as fuel, cooling and electrical systems, turbo etc.) will also void the warranty. The warranty is not transferable except by arrangement in writing with Eurojap.

The customer will be responsible for replacement items i.e. oil, filters, all gaskets, belts and anti-freeze, together with the service record in accordance with the original manufacturers recommendations. In all claims, the customer must produce the original invoice and warranty – together with evidence of mileage since date of purchase.

The terms of this warranty do not affect the customer’s statutory rights.

Where Eurojap supply parts only as listed in the invoice, then the necessary warranty details must be signed and returned to Eurojap without delay but no later than 14 days (from date of invoice) – together with evidence of mileage – otherwise the warranty may be deemed to be invalid.

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