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Requirements of Fitment and Use

In Accordance with the Original Manufacturers Recommendations

Failure to comply with these recommendations may cause damage to the unit – and consequently invalidate the terms of the warranty.

Prior to Fitting

  • Thoroughly clean and check all ancillary components – change if not compatible.
  • Check engine mounting etc. and ensure they are suitable for the supply unit.
  • Check and clean all breathers, rocker cover etc.
  • Check flow and clean/flush radiator – examine for damage or leak; renew if necessary.
  • Check/clean or replace clutch unit where necessary.
  • Replace timing belt and double check timing.
  • Check/adjust tappet clearances and ignition timing

Prior to Starting / Use

  • Check/ adjust all hoses – replace where necessary.
  • Check thermostat is working correctly – replace where necessary.
  • Fit new oil filter, fill up oil filter with fresh oil, prime oil pump.
  • Drain old oil and fill with new engine oil.
  • Fill with anti-freeze and water.
  • Check oil and coolant levels.

Upon Starting Engine

  • Check oil pressure in the first few seconds from starting engine. If the oil pressure is low; switch off the engine immediately and contact Eurojap. If oil pressure is satisfactory, continue to the next step.
  • Keep checking oil pressure and allow engine to reach normal working temperature, checking for oil or water leaks – top up where necessary.
  • Ensure ignition timing is set and accurate.
  • Ensure cooling system is free from air locks. This may result in localised overheating and consequent localised seizure of parts therefore causing damage to the unit.

Running in

  • All Eurojap engines are examined and checked prior to leaving our workshops. Upon fitment, they will require a running in period/mileage to allow the components to ‘settle’.
  • Engine tuning is strongly recommended after replacing the engine unit.
  • It is strongly recommended that the running in period should be maintained for a minimum of 1,500 miles for serviced / rebuilt / reconditioned units –and 250 miles for second hand units supplied.
  • Oil and water levels should be checked every day for the first week. This should be carried out before starting the engine and while the engine is cold. Continue checking levels as recommended by the manufacturer afterwards. Any loss of water or oil must be reported to Eurojap immediately and without any delay.
  • An oil and filter change must be carried out after 500 miles.
  • Ensure temperature gauge stays below half way mark. If temperature gauge starts to go over half way mark, then you must stop immediately, let the engine cool down, check your levels & report to Eurojap if necessary.
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