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aboutAt EuroJap we have been specialising in European & Japanese engines for over 25 years, and have earned a reputation as specialists in this field of expertise.

With our refurbished product the engine will be fully stripped for re-boring of the block, new oversize pistons and rings, regrinding of the crank ( if required, or checked and polished ), new mains and big end bearing, timing chains or timing belt fitted or replaced if required.
Oil pump stripped cleaned, checked & serviced or replaced if required, also all your ancillary parts are professionally cleaned.

The Cylinder heads go through a strict regime of checks, test and cleaning. The cylinder head would be stripped down, thoroughly cleaned, guides, valves and seats will be checked, pressure tested, overlapping valves will be seated correctly, vacuum tested and re-assembled with new valve stem oil seals.

In addition, just like the engines we recondition or remanufacture in our Premises, we guarantee our workmanship and parts against defects, cracks, and damage. We are always happy to supply quotations and information over the telephone or e-mail, and if our customer require a specific part we have an excellent parts department that can source the part required.

Our process & Reconditioning Quality

When we receive an old or failed engine at Eurojap, we quickly dismantle, chemically clean and inspects it to ensure that it meets our stringent reusability guidelines Core components are also cleaned for inspection, including:

    • Cylinder Blocks
    • Cylinder Heads
    • Crankshafts
    • Camshafts
    • Connecting Rods
    • Oil Pumps
    • Rocker Cover
    • Oil Pans

    During the reconditioning process the Piston rings, bearing shells, timing belts, gaskets and seals are discarded and replaced.

    Quality & Efficiency Guaranteed

    We’re committed to giving our customers a high standard of service, so at EuroJap, we work efficiently to ensure the best results in the shortest amount of time. Using our in-house machinery, our expert team delivers a cost-effective service, with all components machined to meet our strict guidelines.
    Whether you need individual component machining or engine assembly, EuroJap Engines has the facilities, experience, and capacity to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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